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GraphQL Security Consulting

We assess your GraphQL APIs for security lapses and provide best practices before and after you go live with your products.

GraphQL API Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing of GraphQL APIs. Identify Denial of Service, Authorization, Authentication and Information Disclosure vulnerabilities.

GraphQL Security Training

We provide security training and educational content for GraphQL developers, prevent vulnerabilities early.

Application & IoT Penetration Testing

We perform threat and attack simulations using home grown tools to identify possible attack vectors in applications and IoT devices.

Security Tooling Development

We build security tooling that are tailored to your environment, to help you bolster your security posture.

Attack Surface Assessment

We assess your applications and reduce software costs with open source alternatives.

About Us

A little about us.

Our team consists of seasoned Security Consultants and Software Engineers, with years of experience in the forefront of the IT field.